Striptease +2

These 3 songs will be on Celebrity Boyfriends someday.  Oddly enough, I spent more hours on Striptease than almost any other song, yet my personal favorite here is I wanna be a punk rock singer.  Striptease should have been last, or scrapped.

Striptease, as the video implies, was inspired by the fan furor over a certain celebrity who probably couldn’t even brush his teeth in private for a while there.  The whole theme of the Celebrity Boyfriends album is the weirdness of celebrity culture and how as fans we feel like we know these people, like we own them, like they owe us something more than their art.  We expect them to reveal everything. But in reality, the celebrity only reveals what they want, often carefully choreographed.

Rock star vs. model is a little tongue in cheek look at how the ugliest of rock star boys seem to attract the prettiest of models.  Ric and Paulina, David and Tawny, …and mixes that notion up with the brevity of many celebrity relationships.

I wanna be a punk rock singer carries on that theme a bit, but instead of wanting to marry the rock star, I wanna be the punk rock star and choose whoever I please.