Timid Pop Songs for the Perpetually Shy, Vol I

This EP was theoretically the first of a series of 3 volumes that re-recorded my favorite old songs from Turnpike, Virginia Creeper, and beyond.  After not recording for almost 8 years I thought the creative bug had disappeared, but what happened is I discovered it was just buried.  While recording these songs I started writing new songs, and so Vol II never happened. Maybe it will someday. We’ll see.

Some girls–Of course this defies all logic as an opening song. Your best material should come first, right? But it has some weird charm to it, at least to me it does.

3 minutes to seldom–My favorite on this ep.  The shy girls dilemma of never quite having the nerve to approach that cute fella.

Captain, my captain–One of the last songs I wrote with Virginia Creeper.  Finally a song by me that has a bit of energy 😉

Trouble gets all black–Another Virginia Creeper song that never got recorded.  Perhaps one of the more personal songs I have ever written.  Captures the feeling at the time of “What about me? What’s wrong with me?”  Pretty damn depressing to listen to.

Moonshake–After that last track we need to raise the happiness factor.  Yet another shy girl unrequited love song. This time, what happens when you suddenly find yourself in love with a friend and you know it is all wrong.

Swirl–A Turnpike song from the early 90’s.  I took a little music business class at BCIT taught by the program director of CFMI (at the time).  For the last class, we all got to play a demo of one of our songs to the class. Both the teacher and the class were a bit surprised by what the quiet chick in the back row came up with.  I believe the response was something like: good song, crappy recording. This re-do tries to improve on that.

Windshield Wipers–Another personal favorite.  On the original 4 track recording I got my synth to sound much more like a set of windshield wipers going back and forth. Of course I didn’t write down the exact settings and wasn’t able to replicate it.  I love it when the music kind of captures the scene–in this case driving on a dark rainy night headed for who knows what or where.

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